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Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock is an outstanding wood for mouldings and interior woodworking. It is a perfect option for joinery and millwork such as doors, windows, and other appearance products because of its durability, light colour, and freedom from pitch and resin. Hemlock has found a solid market in India for furniture and is recommended for solid doors and door frames. Interior panelling in Hemlock gives a plush look to any space.

Western Hemlock is used for general construction including dimensional lumber, treated lumber and timbers. Hemlock can also be used for finishing products such as mouldings, windows and doors, and flooring. It is recognized as one of the best Canadian woods for general construction, industrial uses and joinery.

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Applications :

  • Furniture

  • Doors and Windows

  • Wood interior design

Features :

  • Good strength-to-weight ratio

  • Excellent machining properties

  • Good sanding, staining and painting properties

  • Moderate nail and screw holding ability

  • Polishes beautifully

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