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This was a very positive experience from start to finish. Your entire team understands customer service. We knew this is what we wanted as soon as we heard about the craftsmanship. We bought an wooden panel and an experience to match. Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done!
  • Ranganath
  • Yelahanka
If I could summarize my professional opinion of Shanti Vijaya saw mill, I would say “under promise and over deliver”. In short I have always found the staff to be very professional and competent hard workers, disciplined and organized, always committed to implement the best practices.

  • Ravi
  • Malleshwaram

We have been trading with Shanti Vijaya saw mill for years and we have only enjoyed superior service, superior products and more importantly a mutually rewarding partnership.
  • Manjunath
  • Hebbal
We have worked with Shanti Vijaya saw mill rely on them to source plywood. We have always found them to be very professional in their approach and if any issue should arise it is always resolved swiftly.”
  • Kamalesh
  • Yashwanthpur

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