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At Shanti vijaya Sawmill, we provide a variety of services and products specific to your project. From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, we take pride in meeting the needs of our clients.

Tree Felling

We provide tree felling services. We can come in, fall the trees, skid them to a landing, mill the lumber from your cut list, stack it, sticker the stack and steel band the stacks for transport or delivery to the kiln. We will have it ready for you to move to the jobsite or storage.

Log Trucking

Shanti vijaya saw mill has its own logging trucks to move your timber to our facility for milling or other destinations.


Transport trees to our location to saw. If we are unable to saw at your location, we have the capability to move small amounts of logs to our location to saw.


Provide finished or rough lumber for furniture, cabinets, lathe turning, framing, etc... We try to maintain a good selection of lumber for your project needs. Feel free to contact us to see what's in our current inventory.

Formwork materials

We can cater all your timber door frame needs, whether it be internal or external. Timber frames are available in different wood species and in many different combinations. We can also arrange for custom made door frames as per your needs.

Custom saw mill services :

  • Quantity: how much wood do you need or want? If your project requires only a small amount of material, use our stock that is ready to go. If you need a large quantity and have it available, or if you need unusual sizes, use your logs.

  • Very important: do you have a place to properly sticker and protect your cut lumber while it is drying? The best sawing job can be ruined by poor stickering conditions. If you don't have a good place for stickering, we can still use your wood and put it thru our dry kiln. If you have provisions for good stickering, it will save you money, inspire your project thinking and probably smell good.

  • Everybody has unique circumstances that influence their decision making on which process suits them best. If you think your situation is unusual, abnormal, weird, too big, too small, call us, we'll be happy to help, we love a challenge.
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